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Business  Skills

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Health & Safety

These courses cover the most crucial aspects of health and safety that are present in every workplace, such as manual handling, working at height, and fire and electrical safety. It also explains the necessary components of workplace welfare, including workplace stress and conflict.

Health & Social Care

These courses cover the most crucial aspects of health and social care that are present, such as drug and alcohol abuse, positive handling in schools , prevent duty. It also explains the necessary components of safeguarding adults and children.

Online ClassES 

Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective virtual learning environment.

Our Video e-learning provides a completely new medium through which to learn online by embedding a live personality directly on the page.

It immediately grabs your interest and deliver aesthetic appeal that holds attention. The outcome is to increase your engagement and create a lasting positive impression.

Video e learning achieves better communication through the power of face-to-face eye contact that builds trust, triggers emotion and captures a memorable tone and style while communicating the essence of the learning content.


What Our Students Say

“Excellent friendly service and professional training.”

Denise Foster, Middlesbrough

“Thank you Pennine Training Services, for making my first e learning experience so easy and enjoyable. The combination of video teaching and multiple choice questions, along with easy to follow instructions has given me the confidence to try more courses. Well done.”

Catherine Magee, Barnsley.

“I was very pleased with Bob Elsey for his help. The course was brilliant.”

Margaret Douglas, Derby

“Found this course to be a dream. Not like me. I actually enjoyed it. Must have been sitting at home doing it in my own time no presure not like being in a class room. The price is not bad for adding this to my C.V. The service is fast and friendly just what I like. Going to look for more course from this company cos I think I have getting value for money.

Trevor Poston, Blythe.

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